Scott County Revitalization Master Plan Community Day Meeting

>On Wednesday, February 2nd our landscape architecture studio held a meeting with the community of Scott County in Kentucky. This is our final semester (thank goodness!) which is also our senior capstone project. It is one large scale project that takes our education into a real life setting. Every year the studio is given a county or community to work with  to create a comprehensive master plan for the town. We looks at issues such as transportation routes, recreation areas, historic districts, education, and many types of other issues. I am also the photographer for the project, which I’m going to enjoy!

On Wednesday we held our first meeting with the community. We presented research we had done for two weeks leading up to the meeting. My part of the research was education. I looked at the current trends of education in Scott County such as education levels. Our studio combined each of our analysis studies into a Powerpoint presentation. After the presentation, we divided up the 11 who showed up into two groups, and talked with them about how they see the county and where it needs some improvement. We learned a lot from the meeting and now we are diving into what projects we want to do for the master plan. I am going to look at the historic districts of Scott County and want to do more on streetscaping of the downtown areas.


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