Spaghetti Squash


Tonight’s dinner was Spaghetti Squash. Yes……that’s right……..spaghetti squash. Instead of normal spaghetti with pasta, this dish uses squash as the noodles. This type of squash is seasonal, so look for it during the late summer and fall months (It’s a light yellow color). This is a super easy dish to make and is extremely great for you!

What makes this dish so great is that it eliminates the processed wheat out of the traditional dish of spaghetti. The squash noodles practically act the same as normal noodles. Wheat in excess is a burden on our bodies; everyone has some intolerance of wheat. By replacing the wheat with squash, we are not only reducing the amount of wheat we are eating, but also giving our bodies fiber and tons of nutrients. So, eating a piece of garlic bread with this dish is still OK because you’re still eating a low starch and sugary meal! This dish really doesn’t take much effort, just the time to cook the squash.
Spaghetti Squash
Servings from one squash: 4-6
Place the entire squash in a casserole dish filled with a half inch to an inch of water. Poke it with a fork if you like. 9X13 works well.
Bake it for 30-45 minutes on 375 degrees.
The squash will have to be cut in half and baking it somewhat beforehand makes this a lot easier!!
Remove the squash and cut the top part off where the stem is. Then cut in half lengthwise. Be careful, this squash is tough! Place a towel underneath it to keep from slipping.
Place the two halves back in the dish, right side up, and add more water if necessary. Put some butter on the halves as desired.
Bake for an hour to an hour thirty minutes. You want the squash noodles to be really done.
Rake out the seeds and mushier part of the squash from the center.
Scrape out the rest of the squash down to the skin of the squash rind. Do the same for the other half.
The full squash takes 16oz of tomato sauce. Any sauce can be used, but the squash absorbs and takes on the flavor of the sauce, so make sure you like the sauce.
Top with Parmesan cheese.

*Update: To make the spaghetti even better, try baking it for a bit after adding the sauce. You can then also put some cheese on top.


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